On the first outdoor festival of student’s films and photographs “KULTKINO” April 29 at 20:00 in St. Petersburg, in the main building of the Institute of Culture, adress: Dvortsovaya embankment, Building 2 will be shown without competition, specially selected program of student and debut films of horrors past five years.

«Symphony of Darkness» program includes 6 genre films made by Russian and foreign directors. Six different stories that will give you the opportunity to embark on a journey through the nooks and crannies of nightmares and slightly open a veil over your fears.

As part of the session will be a lecture on the horror film, preconditions of its origin, its sub-genres and meaning.

Curator of program: Kapitolina Ignatenko

 1. «Dead Bride Dress», Moscow Film School, 2014, 9 min.

A short horror film from the participants of the summer Intensive «Summer School: Horror». In fact, to understand the features of the genre, directing and tools create suspense, and most importantly create their project, participants had only a week. As the result it was an interesting job, forcing the viewer to be fidgety during playback.


2. «The Blood»,Velislava Gospodinova, 2012, 6 min.

Debut film

An appeal to society against terror and war, against violence in any of its forms. In a dynamic and dramatic way, the story exposes the connection between life, death and their eternal companion — The Blood. Released from the corporeal prison of the dead body, it finds its own way, grows and like a huge monster envelops and conquers the world entire. It spins with Earth itself and triumphs in the name of death. Yet, so little of this blood can bring back to life.


3. «Dring of the Dead», Gael Pouvreau, 2013, 5 min.

Debut film

A man is running away. A zombie girl is after him. He’s hiding in a telephone box, trying to call for help. But the zombie girl find him and assault the phone box.


4. «In The Tall Grass», Alexii Muftoll, 2014, 8 min.

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Joseph is mentally deviated. He is a prisoner of his own flat and always in permanent war with his own mind. In reality, where desires, memories and nightmares is mixed together, there’s no escape for the tortured soul. He either win this battle or will be condemned forever.

It doesn’t always have to be something supernatural, something out of the our world, to show the evil. In fact, the evil can be just behind next door,and behind this door there’s can be whole another world of itself. But is there such thing as evil at all ? What if the evil itself is suffering, agonizing in pain and it’s own world is frights him even more than someone else ? Those are the main questions we wanted to bring out by making this little short movie.


5. «Giallo», Marco Chiappetta, 2014, 8 min.

Atelier de pratique artistique Université Paris Diderot

In the library of Centre Pompidou (Paris), a shy and clumsy student is terribly attracted by the young girl sitting in front of him, so close and so inaccessible, and he gradually falls into an obsessive rush of frustrations, nightmares and dark fantasies.



6. «Room of the fear», Svetlana Rusakova, 2014, 3 min.

St. Petersburg state Institute of Culture

Home is, above all, focus and strength, but what if it is not?

In every house there is a fear of their own room ..