Program of RCA

1. Diana Gradinaru – «Probably»

«More Buster Keaton than Powell and Pressburger»


2. Gurdun Krebitz – “Exo-Moon”

“Hanging out with the moon since 1980s”


3. Heeseon Kim – «The River»

A core idea of this animated film is to depict endearing characters who have become victims of circumstance, and how these types of figures are engaged with a tragic affair


4. Huan Loa – «The Greetings of 10,000 Things» 

A marching band of six soldiers gathered on an empty beach. Armed with brasses and drums, they are waiting to greet the unknown guests


5. Irirs Abols – «Part»

‘Am I  part of the movement?’
A woman wanders through the city at night


6. Jamie Kendall – «Is iIt Just Me»

It follows one man’s unhealthy new obsession, magpies, on an absurdist journey as they consume his world


7. Katherine Hearst – «No Space Like Home»

A film about an old woman in 1960s Moscow seeking solace from the loneliness of old age in dreams of space travel


8. Magnus Lenneskog – «Stockholm 6»

Play is set during a dark wintry night in an apartment block of the neighbourhood Vasastan, perhaps the Canonbury of Stockholm. The building is the protagonist and its inhabitants are the different facets of its conscience


9. Perrie Murphy – “Let’s Get Take Away”

Is an animated kitchen sink drama, it follows the characters Phil and Judy as they go through a tough part of their relationship


10. Rory Waudby-Tolley – «Mr. Madila»

It documents a series of conversations between the film-maker and a gifted spiritual healer


11. Tara Mercedes Wood  – «The Whale In The Room»